WordPress for Artists, Designers and Photographers

WordPress for Artists, Designers and Photographers

ArtDroid is a WordPress Theme distinctly built with artists, designers and photographers in mind. Responsive, retina ready, and social media friendly, ArtDroid is a highly image-centric theme which is built to showcase small to large collections of imagery.


  • Image Centric

    ArtDroid is built specifically with artists, designers and photographers in mind. The theme repurposes WordPress into a elegant structure for showcasing collections of art.

  • Retina Ready

    Every image is served dynamically based on the resolution of the user's screen size and pixel density, so it loads as quick as possible on your mobile phone, and looks as crisp as possible on high definition retina displays.

  • Fully Responsive

    Using RESS (Responsive with Server Side component) technology, ArtDroid detects which device your visitors are using and serves template code dynamically, so it looks and works great on any device.

  • Easy to Setup

    ArtDroid is simple enough for anybody to load up and just start posting without any configurations or customization whatsoever. Customizing all the colors can easily be done in a few clicks with a live preview, and uploading your logo is just a drag and drop away.

  • Sell More Art

    Easily link to products associated with each piece of artwork and drive customers directly from your website to your online store.

  • Free Automatic Updates

    Easily keep up to date with the latest version of ArtDroid as it grows and evolves. Just one click of a button will update you the latest version of the theme.

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ArtDroid Guarantee

100% Refund Policy

ArtDroid has been rigorously tested by professional artists and designers over the years. Go ahead and give ArtDroid a try, and see how it works for you. If you are not impressed, and you wish to return it, we will refund your payment 100% within 30 days of purchase.

Limited Support

ArtDroid offers limited support for the first 3 months after purchase, which includes basic troubleshooting and Q&A in order to get ArtDroid up and running on your webserver. Additional support and content entry services can be purchased by contacting [email protected]

System Requirements

ArtDroid requires a webserver with at least 512MB of RAM, the latest version of WordPress and PHP 5.5 or later installed, and MySQL. ArtDroid will work on almost any hosting service selling 'WordPress Ready' hosting packages. ArtDroid is built to work with self-hosted sites using WordPress, though is not compatible with sites hosted directly on WordPress.com, such as [mysite].wordpress.com. If you have a site hosted on WordPress.com, you can migrate it to a self-hosted WordPress site then install ArtDroid, or let us handle that for you for a fee.

Migration Ready

Since ArtDroid implements the native WordPress gallery system, any gallery-rich sites using a different WordPress theme will be fairly straightforward to switch over to ArtDroid. The most important thing when switching to ArtDroid is that every page and post has a Featured Image set. If you need support setting up your new or existing site to use ArtDroid, our support team is also available to help you out with that.


ArtDroid is a WordPress Theme distinctly built for artists, designers and photographers in mind. It’s a highly image-centric theme which is built to showcase large collections of imagery. The theme requires images as the primary content for every post, and though it has a Blog feed feature built in, it’s not optimized for traditional bloggers. It’s essentially a tool for building, organizing and maintaining image galleries.